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This is a "sister site" to another web page www.BRNOguide.org  which I run and where I offer various trips in the Czech Republic, (YouTube)  mostly around BRNO (here is a LINK to a 30 minute video about BRNO made by Czech American TV).

This web page offers a trip to map the Napoleon's footsteps  at the  victorious Battle of Austerlitz, also called Battle of Three Emperors. 

On this 5 to 7 hour trip you can see not only the rolling hills - the area where Napoleon won the Austerlitz Battle in 1805., but also places  associated with this battle, like Santon Hill, Zuran Hill, Pratzen Heights, the Austerlitz Chateau, Cairn of Peace and for Napoleonic experts more sites, e.g. Sokolnitz Chateau and village Telnitz  / in Czech Sokolnice and Telnice) and upon your request other important places.

The battlefield is only about 25 km east of Brno,  (see the Itinerary and location of the trip on the map here), however, there is no bus connection from Brno which takes you to all the places associated with this battle and therefore I will be more than happy to guide you there. Just hop in my VW Station wagon / minivan for a bigger group with me and off we go. Feel free to check some souvenirs = tin soldiers.

You can easily come to BRNO from Prague or Vienna either by bus or by train. Please check the timetable in English and I will be happy to pick you up in BRNO.

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I can reccomend the following reading about this battle:

1, The AUSTERLITZ BATTLEFIELD guide to the area of the Battle of the Three Emperors  this very detailed book in English is available at the Museum on top of the Pratzen Heights, the cost is CZK 499  (EUR 20).

View of the battlefield from the top of the Pratzen Heights to the north


Reenactment of the Battle of Austerlitz usually takes place around 2 Dec below the SANTON Hill, which is only about 12 km east of BRNO. Lots of smaller events are associated with this reenactment. Pics from the reenactment from the past can be seen here. Pics from 2023 reenactment can be see HERE.

Should you need more info about various events, please contact me.

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