— Itinerary  and the price—

Check the ITINERARY here and feel free to see the pictures from the whole trip at Photo Gallery. I have used only Czech names of all the places we will visit. Here are the equivalents:

Zuran Hilltop         -       Žuráň

Santon                  -       Santon

Bosenitz                -       Tvarožná

Old Post in Kovalovice - Stará Pošta Kovalovice

Austerlitz              -        Slavkov u Brna

Krenowitz             -        Křenovice

Pratzen Heights    -        Pratecký kopec

Sokolnitz               -        Sokolnice

Telnitz                   -         Telnice 

This trip can be made all year round.

First, we stop on a small hilltop called ZURAN from where Napoleon planned the battle called the Battle of Three Emperors and had a 360 degree view of the whole area, including famous Pratzen Heights.. Standing there you will understand why he chose that hilltop. Now this area is a French territory. A bronze model shows where armies were stationed. From there we continue to another hilltop called SANTON and a place called the OLD POST (Nowadays there is a nice rustic restaurant where you can refresh) }near village of KOVALOVICE with a small museum showing the uniforms, guns and various artifacts from the AUSTERLITZ Battle. There is a nice nice statue dedicated to all dead horses in this battle. 

From there we continue to town of AUSTERLITZ (in Czech Slavkov ) where we visit the local chateau where Napoleon celebrated his victory and slept after the battle. There is a nice park near the chateau. Then we drive to CAIRN OF PEACE, situated on top of the Prace hill / the Pratzen Heights, with a nice view of the area. An exhibition called The Battle of Three Emperors explains all the details from the battle.

Every year a reenactment (watch a professional nice video here ) of this battle takes place around December 2th. It is a big thing, when thousands of people come and admire the colours of various uniforms. For more info about the reenactment, please contact me.

If you a historian or a history buff and wish to see more places associated with the battle, please specify it. I would be more than happy  to  show you those places. 

Duration:                                                           7 hours, depending on your interest

Distance from Brno:                                          35  km, see the trip on the map below 

Travel                                                                 by car for up to 3 persons or a minicoach for more than 3                                                                                       persons

Fully escorted with informative commentary

Excluded:                                                           entrance fees:    Austerlitz Chatteau  CZK 170 = EUR 6,                                                                                                               Cairm of Peace CZK 90=EUR 3

PRICE for the whole trip:               EUR 90 per person

To book this trip, please go to TRIP TO BATTLEFIELD.