Itinerary of a trip to the Austerlitz Battlefield

— Itinerary  and the price—

Check the ITINERARY here and feel free to see the pictures from the whole trip at Photo Gallery. I have used only Czech names of all the places we will visit. Here are the equivalents:

Zuran Hilltop         -       Žuráň

Santon                  -       Santon

Bosenitz                -       Tvarožná

Old Post in Kovalovice - Stará Pošta Kovalovice

Austerlitz              -        Slavkov u Brna

Krenowitz             -        Křenovice

Pratzen Heights    -        Pratecký kopec

Sokolnitz               -        Sokolnice

Telnitz                   -         Telnice 

This trip can be made all year round.

First, we stop on a small hilltop called ZURAN from where Napoleon planned the battle called the Battle of Three Emperors and had a 360 degree view of the whole area, including famous Pratzen Heights.. Standing there you will understand why he chose that hilltop. Now this area is a French territory. A bronze model shows where armies were positioned. From there we continue to another hilltop called SANTON - French left flank and then to the OLD POST (Nowadays there is a nice rustic restaurant where you can refresh) near village of KOVALOVICE. There is a nice nice statue dedicated to all dead horses in this battle. 

From there we continue to town of AUSTERLITZ (in Czech Slavkov ) where we visit the local chateau where Napoleon celebrated his victory and slept after the battle. There is a nice park near the chateau. Then we drive via village of KRENOVITZ, on top of the Old Vineyards to the top of the PRATZEN HEIGHTS, where is a monument CAIRN OF PEACE, with a nice view of the area. An exhibition called The Battle of Three Emperors in the local museum on top of the Pratzen heights explains all the details from the battle.

Every year a reenactment of this battle takes place around December 2th. It is a big thing, when thousands of people come and admire the colours of various uniforms. For more info about the reenactment, please contact me.

If you a historian or a history buff and wish to see more places associated with the battle, please specify it. I would be more than happy  to  show you those places. 

Duration:                                                           5 to 7 hours, depending on your interest

Distance from Brno:                                          35  km, see the trip on the map below 

Travel                                                                 by car for up to 3 persons or a minicoach for more                                                                                than 3 persons

Fully escorted with informative commentary

Excluded:                                                           entrance fees: Cairm of Peace CZK 90=EUR 3

PRICE for the whole trip:               EUR 90 per person

To book this trip, please go to TRIP TO BATTLEFIELD.

Itinerary is HERE: we will stop many times along the way...